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Grew up in Layton and have always been an active individual playing sports either with my buddies in the neighborhood church or school yard field. In 2011 decided to go to college and get an associates degree in health and wellness with an emphasis on personal fitness training. Then shortly after that I started training with retired, active duty and reservist military personnel. At the same moment, I also started to work with MMA oriented local fighters training and sharing information to teach each other to make me a better trainer and them a better fighter. After I graduated in 2013, I continued to work with others in the fitness & sports industry. I have done the different types of CrossFit, HITT training, Hybrid and Functional Training. Soon 2017 came around and over the years I was told that I was a pretty good trainer and fighter to spar with and train with. So afterwards I decided to go legit and get a personal trainer certification and began building my clientele.  And since then, I have kept clients happy with their results and kept a good retention with my client base. The fitness industry and especially MMA, strongman, and HITT training have been more of a passion, interest, and hobby for me. Growing up, I always got together with buddies to watch the early days of MMA, Strongman competitions, or just go out in the yard and throw on the boxing gloves.  Besides the sports most of the time it was a competition between friends on who can lift or do the most.  Besides my personal trainer certification, I also got my Nutritionist certification at the beginning of this year and am currently working on a few more other certifications to assist me working with individuals or groups of all ages.


HIIT Training



Personal Training


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