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Rocky morton

Comp Achievements:
Current Utah state USPA JR 242 lb "Bench and Deadlift Only" record holder
2018 St. George’s Strongest Man

Gym Management for 4 years
Personal Traning management 4 years
Experienced lifter 10 years
Fitness Guru
Studied NASM Nutrition Certification and Performance Enhancement 

    Specialist (PES) Certification

Work with me if you are wanting to:
        * Lose weight
        * Gain muscle and or strength
        * Improve overall functionality
        * Prep for powerlifting, Strongman, or any power, strength, and conditioning

              like meet/competition.
        * Learn about proper exercise selection
        * Learn about nutrition and supplementation
        * Learn how to break free from negative habits
        * Create a positive hormone and anabolic environment


Strength Training

Competition Preparation



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